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Apply regional settings to the Local System account (Windows 10)
Last Updated 7 years ago

Typical use case: format incorrect for dates (birth date, study date...), 12/31/2018 instead of 31/12/2018

Since you may need different regional settings than the ones you Windows 10 OS uses by default, and since the Perennity services run as the Local System account, you may want to change the regional settings for that Local System Account.

Steps for Windows 10:
- Open the Windows Settings
- Select "Time & Language"
- Select "Date, time & regional formatting" under Related settings
- Select "Additional date, time, & regional settings" under Related settings
- This will open the "Clock and Region" control panel. Alternatively you might have opened the "Clock and Region" control panel directly from the Control Panel application (bypassing the previous steps).
- From here open the "Region" control panel.
- In the Region control panel, make sure to set the desired formats (Formats tab), then switch to the Administrative tab and select "Copy settings...".
- Select both check boxes at the bottom of the following window, then confirm with "OK".
- Select "OK" once more to close the Region control panel.

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