Fast-LTA Silent Cube

Certified long-term data archiving with redundant hard disk storage

Hard disks are fast replacing tapes and optical media in all phases of data archiving. Yet most conventional hard disk systems are generally not suitable for long-term storage. Enter Silent Cubes: the first storage system to be expressly and categorically develeloped for the secure, long-term storage of permanent data.

The Silent Cubes storage system consists of a Head Unit (NAS) serving as the interface to your network, and up to 128 Silent Cubes (4TB, 8TB or 16TB net each).

The Silent Cube Compact (SCC) has the NAS head embedded in the cube. SCC is available with 1TB, 2TB or 4TB net capacity.

The FAST LTA WORM controller protects all data in the storage units against lost and manipulation at the lowest hardware level. Of the 12 hard disks, any eight will always suffice to completely restore all your data. The software to enable replication to a second location is included.

Silent Cubes storage systems are scalable into petabyte realm. You can add storage units at any time and thus adapt capacity to your growing needs.

Silent Cubes CAS (Content Addressed Storage) hold certification for revision-safe and are thus in compliance with the applicable legal guidelines (e.g. GDPdU, GoBS, RöV, ...) at a compelling price.

Silent Cubes integrates with Perennity Dicom edition as an archiving repository for Dicom images. Perennity Centera edition can also be used to replicate the content of an EMC Centera to Silent Cubes. Last but not least, you can extract the content of your audio CD using Perennity Audio Extractor and safely store the tracks in Silent Cubes.

How it works ?

Secure archiving
Highly scalable
Low power consumption
Cost effective

Features & Benefits

  • Secure: up to four defective HDDs per cube
  • Scalable: up to 128 Silent Cubes per NAS head
  • Integrates in your LAN via CIFS/NFS over TCP/IP
  • Low power consumption: 2W in stand by mode
  • Set retention periods per share (compliance otpion)
  • User friendly Web based management utility
  • Automatic replication between two NAS heads
  • Failure notification per email